Customized Digital Waivers

FreeWaiver enables you to create completely customized online waivers within minutes. You can add the desired custom fields, copy and paste content from your existing paper waiver and also make them interactive. Your customers can then digitally sign the waiver online, making it legally binding digital waiver.

Feature01_Customized Digital Waivers


FreeWaiver brings to you a safe and secure online storage in the cloud. As soon as a new digital waiver is submitted, the information gets sent to a secure, encrypted data storage system which has limited access to only you. The signed online liability waivers can be downloaded to your system any time. It also facilitates with easy search options for customer information.

Sync with the System

FreeWaiver offers you with an automatic sync option that send copies of signed digital liability waivers to your local hard drive reducing the need to login into your account to access the copies. All you need to do is download our app for this feature just once.


On Screen Signatures

FreeWaiver offers electronic signature technology, making it possible for your customers to sign digital waivers online. Customers can use their mouse on a computer or a finger for a tablet/mobile device to sign. This creates a digital signature producing an online legally binding document.

Automatic Transcription

FreeWaiver offers you with an automated solution to transfer the customer details from your liability waivers into any web-based customer management system with just a few key strokes. It ensures accurate data transfer and eliminates the need for data transcription making that unpleasant task redundant.